There is Pain in the Present but will there be the Same Pain in Your Future?

You probably have realized this by now – you cannot “spin” your way out of a bad situation. You can’t just tell a better story about how things are, and then hope that life will take the shape of your thoughts. Life doesn’t work that way. I know many might think I’m flying in the face of the Law of Attraction but I’m not. I’m saying that words alone are useless if you simply aren’t telling the truth.

The first step in any crisis situation is to tell the truth – the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s important that you tell it all and it is equally important to tell it first!

Many business owners, both self-employed, and those with employees, are lying to themselves. This is not good.

Before Covid-19 many businesses were already in crisis. As Warren Buffet, (an American investor, business tycoon, and philanthropist), famously said:

“It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked.”

Basically, Buffet was saying that things may look good and rosy up to a certain point, but if a company is leveraged too much expecting a wave to come, but instead the tide goes out, everything will be exposed.

Well the tide went out with the advent of Covid-19 although its effects felt more like a tidal wave hit the economy with a force many may not recover from.

What Covid-19 did was expose many of us to truths that we didn’t want to or chose not to confront earlier.

Buffet was also alluding to a much larger truth and that is – we have no control.

When I was much younger, I thought success was a destination. That you had to jump through hoops, scale hurdles but once you got to your success point, all your troubles will be over.

Today I’m more practical. Sh*t happens and not just to me – to EVERYONE!

You can take every precaution, prepare in every conceivable way, and despite all that, there will always be major setbacks and failures.

I’ve come to appreciate that life has cycles. There are both ups and downs. There no life on this big blue marble that has only positive things going on without the negative.

Adverse events aren’t obstacles to a “normal” life; they are a part of it.

The key to living with and through this Covid-19 crisis requires that you be flexible and open to new opportunities.

Many businesses have been forced to re-strategize, temporarily shut down or pivot offerings to stay afloat during these times.

There are many businesses that need to shut their doors permanently. I don’t say this lightly but the truth is that the longer you stay open the more likely you are going to bleed to debt, more debt probably, especially if alternative ways to operate are not immediately obvious to you. My suggestion if you find yourself in this situation is to ask for help. Don’t be scared of looking stupid or being vulnerable. You need emergency surgery and you need it fast. The longer you stay with your head buried in the sand, the more the effects of this virus will spread in your life. Now is not the time to pretend.

It’s like your health. If you ignore tell-tale signs long enough you will end up with a major health scare. Be wary of what you’re ignoring right now in your life and what it could cost you later.

Regardless of the crisis, there are always opportunities to learn and grow. But you will only see those opportunities if you have the right attitude. Now is not the time to struggle and try to swim upstream. It is not going to work. You can try but I guarantee you will be exhausted before you conquer life and where it needs you to be right now. Only when you surrender will you end up learning what YOU need to grow.


If your business is suffering right now because you had poor financial metrics, now is the perfect time for you to learn why you need them and why you need to look at them regularly.

  • Pain is par for the course. Not this Covid-19 course but your life course.
  • Pain with a purpose, direction, and destination is a growing pain. It is temporary.
  • Pain that’s completely pointless is suffering. Suffering can be perpetual.

When life gives you difficult circumstances, you can choose to grow from the pain and struggle through it, coming out on the other end with new learning, OR you can choose to continue suffering.

Covid-19 has not given us a choice about pain in the present; however, we do have a choice about whether we’re going to experience the same pain in the future.

Choose wisely.

If you’re waiting for normal to return, you’re courting disaster! Normal is never coming back so it’s best to learn how to pivot in turbulent times. Click here to take that first step.

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