What’s your Hidden Opportunity?

When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Victor Frankl

What is it really going to take for you to succeed in this new economy?

Whatever rules you’ve been taught in the past don’t apply anymore.


It’s adapt or die in this new economy and the first step is acceptance.

You cannot change what’s happening. You cannot WILL it to end quickly based on your desire for it to be over. You can resist it but eventually you will lose that battle. It is what it is.

Giselle IGNext you need to consider what’s your best “next step”. Not what anyone else is doing but what is YOUR best next step.

Look for a teacher or guide who can help you. Someone who understands growing in challenging times. Someone who has experience in rallying through previous economic upheavals in the past. If you can’t find an actual person, then search Google for stories and lessons you can learn with regard to growing in times like the one we face together right now.

Find teachers who don’t share your world view. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you will be challenged and the more you will be forced to clarify your thoughts and become a more effective thinker. 

This will also make you a less gullible researcher.

And please don’t choose based on fame, celebrity or glitter.

This is a monumental moment in the history of your life. You have a fabulous opportunity to engage your critical thinking skills, mine the gold within, and come forth with your own newly forged version of greatness!

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