don’t wait…

Many times we remain stuck, mostly because we want guarantees that our next step will bring us exactly what we want.

We want control.

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman share:

We don’t control many of the things we pursue in life – yet we become angry, sad, hurt, scared or jealous when we don’t get them.

The Daily Stoic Journal

Those emotions – our reactions to the things we don’t get – are about the only thing we control.

We tend to focus on what we don’t have, can’t control or won’t get. We focus on lack.

What is it though, that you have that others don’t?

Conformity makes you average. Otherness makes you remarkable.

Dan Rockwell

Look no further than your patterns:

  • The way you do things – your approach – your method.
  • The way you see the world – your perspective.
  • The way you think.
  • Your story and the way it has influenced how you do what you do resulting in a unique philosophy and approach to business and life.

Instead of pinning our hopes on a better future, we focus on the present and being grateful for what we have now

Frank Ostaseski – The Five Invitations

What are you waiting to say, do or be in your life?

Don’t wait.

Let your words, become your works.

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