Putting words to what you do

Riz Mooney

I was reading a report this week by Rachel Allen, owner of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting and I’m so happy that I took the time to read it in its entirety.

Rachel shared some truly significant golden nuggets but the two things that impacted me the most sums up the work I do as a copywriter, amongst other things.

Golden nugget numero uno: Until you can put words to it, it remains in your head – full of potential but powerless.

Golden nugget numero dos: You can have an awesome relationship with your vocation and create a million iterations of work with it, but if you never share that with anyone else, it tends to become monothematic, and you tend to turn in on yourself, stagnating.

Putting words to your work, describing what you do, in a way that not just sounds good, but feels good…like in your soul ‘feel good’…is difficult. That’s because we have grown apart from who we really are in search of what others tell us, is the way we should describe ourselves. We sound everything but authentic. We sound super successful, and professional, but not real. We wear the title but we don’t necessarily believe that this is us.

The second golden nugget hit me much harder than the first.

Oh I’ve iterated so many times, trying to get it right – website, service offerings, pricing, which automated calendar service to use, my process, what I will say to customers, yet I hesitate, big time, to share.

I have armchair one sided arguments with others out there in the trenches: “What are you doing? Why are you doing it like that? Nobody does that anymore? How do you expect to get results for you clients doing it that way?” Yet I withhold my own solutions?

Do you feel me?

Well those days are over. In the infamous words of Diana Ross “I’m coming out!” and so should you!

There is a whole lot of marketing wisdom in these three words:


Wisdom that we all ignore, whether we’re seasoned marketers or not.

We start by saying things like:

  • I need to master this social media stuff…
  • I need to do a podcast…
  • I must do a webinar…

We go chasing after media BEFORE we get the message right.

How do you get your message right? By first developing Your Unique Approach (YUA).

I agree with Rachel…

We are all born with the potential to contribute something astonishing – something that moves the global conversation forward, something that gives each of us a unique possibility for contribution.

No one else can do what you can, in the way that you can.

Your vocation matters. What you do with it matters, and we need you more than ever!

You can’t afford to bear the cost of losing business because of unclear or misaligned messaging. Let me help you clarify your message to win business now that the stakes are higher than ever, given the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out here and let’s have a conversation.

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