how much truth can you accept about yourself?

Photo by Balaji Malliswamy

Do you believe everything that’s said about you?

Do you believe everything you’ve said, are saying about yourself?

Not knowing who you really are is keeping you stuck.

What do I mean?

There are many things that have been said to us, about us…stuff we’ve just accepted as truth.

Perhaps someone we admired said it, maybe it was a teacher, a big brother or sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, boss, colleague…doesn’t matter. We accepted and believed. And dare I say, became what we believed to be true.

For me, I believed in every one else but myself! I didn’t think I had anything to count on…but I do. And now that I’m aware, I’ve created a moat around my being and smile as I watch other people’s opinions of me sink deep into the water and drown.

Our job is to awaken from this hypnosis that is presently keeping us from being who we are. Not because something is said means that we have to believe it.

In the book ‘The Ultimate Secrets of Self Confidence’ by Dr. Robert Anthony he shares this, and please MARK IT WELL:

In order to construct a new “functional” building on a site where one that is “inefficient exists, you first have to raze the old structure. This must be done by shattering those “mistaken certainties” which have held you back from expressing the unlimited, abundant, wholesome life you desire.

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