Keep the beginner’s mind

Seeing the fractures as the design…

We are all probably talking more than ever before in chat groups, on social media. We are stuck at home. The coffee gatherings, the huddle at work…no more. We all need an outlet. Commenting seems to be a way to reestablish our significance.

“I have something to say…”

“I know I am right…”

“People are so stupid…”

“Are we still discussing that?”

We have also become armchair experts and illustrate daily that a little bit of knowledge can in fact be dangerous. Our ability to share, forward, copy/paste, screenshot, means that misinformation is disseminated every second, worldwide.

This is not something any person, or body can control however we can all take personal responsibility and embrace being humble.

Humility is by no means passive. It is a lack of self-importance recognizing that everyone is valuable and may have as much to offer the world as you do.

There will always be people who feel differently and think differently than we do and while our understanding in some areas might be greater, we can always learn from each other.

I posted a picture in a book group recently of a flight of stairs which I later found out was called the Staircase of Knowledge,  located in the Koura campus of the private University of Balamand in Lebanon. Apparently for some people it was dishonorable to step on books. They took umbrage to the post while others loved it. That day, I learned something.

When we don’t know something we are curious but there comes a point where as we become more knowledgeable, we also become less open and less flexible. At this point we tell others that “they are wrong.”

If we keep beginner’s mind however we remain open to new experiences, new techniques, new ways of looking at and doing things. While we may do things in a certain way, we recognize that this may not be the ONLY way or even THE BEST WAY!

Perhaps now, more than ever, we need to adopt beginner’s mind in looking at ourselves and our businesses.

  • How have we taken ourselves for granted?
  • What gifts do we gloss over while trying hard to acquire skills that we are not good at?
  • Why do we continue to bury our heads in the sand hoping that when we finally resurface for air, everything will be “OK”.
  • What is it that we need to face that we continue to avoid?

Now is the best time to use beginner’s mind in looking at your career and your business.

Now is the best time to look at improving your digital communication and using all the tools available that will work best for you at this time.

Those things that you may have looked upon as your weaknesses may in fact be your greatest strengths. The solutions to all that you face lie in brainstorming approaches to your problems that revolve around those strengths.

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