Give people permission to stray


 Those you had hoped to influence today may choose to follow a different path. This can be a good time to reflect upon the uniqueness of the destinies of each and every human being on the planet. What proved right for you may not be what is best for those who solicit your advice, and you should not regard their choices as a personal affront.

As someone gifted to see potential, (I’ve always intuitively known that, but my MCODE results confirmed it scroll to the bottom of the page), I understand how you might feel when you provide guidance to a friend, an employee, one of your peers or one of your managers and they take a completely different path contrary to your direction. After all, the reason why we offered the guidance in the first place is so they might adopt our point of view.

What if we shifted our paradigm and gave in the spirit of generosity, letting go of the outcome?

Wanting someone to take our guidance lock, stock and barrel means we want to control them and that is never a good idea.

What worked for us, may not be the best approach for them. We need to give people the gift of making mistakes, owning their choices, and eventually finding satisfaction in their own way…and as hard as it is for us to swallow this pill…in their own time.

People will take from us, what they find useful and apply it to their circumstances in their distinct way.

The best thing you can do is to seek first to understand another person, what drives them, what motivates their behaviour and the surest way that I’ve found to unlock the essence of a person is to look at what they like doing and do well.

Each person comes into the world with a predisposition to a natural style and natural pattern of behaviour. When they know and understand their patterns only then can they fully begin to tap into their true potential; only then can they truly have the confidence to be less defensive and more open to whatever guidance is being shared.

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