Where will 2022 find you?

Like it or not, you are EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Maybe you are unhappy.

Perhaps you are in a job you’re thankful for, but silently hate.

You might be out of a job now given COVID-19 and its effect on work generally.

You might be working but your hours have been severely slashed.

At this moment your future may look doubtful.

But this is your choice

Dr. Robert Anthony says that believe it or not, we would rather be in an unwanted situation than pay the price to change.

If I offered you the following options – the red door is the devil you know, the blue door is a new beginning, which door would you walk through?

Sure each situation is different. You might feel trapped where you are but don’t think that you can change now.

Regardless of our special circumstances, Dr. Anthony says that we have permitted the present environment to limit our thinking.

“By choosing to let a person, circumstance or condition dictate our happiness, you have abdicated your life to something OUTSIDE yourself. In effect you have declared that your situation is greater than the POWER with you to change it.”

If you want to travel, to go where you’ve never allowed yourself to go before, if you truly want to embrace being free then your thinking must control your limitations instead of your limitations controlling your thinking.

If you declare yourself a prisoner, you will ALWAYS be a prisoner

“Once you make up your mind to be free,” Dr. Anthony says, “and tell yourself you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you will be motivated to make necessary moves toward liberation and find a way to cease being sick and tired.”

We are approaching the half-way mark of 2021. Do not act as if you had a thousand more years to live.

The world needs what each one of us has to offer.

Time is not waiting. Dorothea Brande says that in the long run it makes little difference how cleverly others are deceived; if we are not doing what we are best equipped to do, or doing well what we have undertaken as our personal contribution to the world’s work, at least by way of an earnestly followed avocation, there will be a core of unhappiness in our lives which will be more and more difficult to ignore as the years pass.

The seeds you plant today is evidenced in the fruit. You cannot reap what you do not sow. We need to guard our time and not waste it on aimless conversations with the same unevolving topics, the same opinions, the same half-aimless observations to make on the same recurring situations, the same automatic indignation at the same old abuses, the same illustrations to prove the same points, and a few lukewarm arguments to bolster up what may once have been opinions but are now seldom more than prejudices.

We need to prepare for the calm before the storm. The world of work is changing again.

Now is the time to look to your gifts. You can no longer undertake work which calls for only a small part of your abilities and training. The world needs what each one of us have to offer.

Don’t submit to the will to fail. Instead look toward 2022 and ask yourself: Where would you like to be?

The first step is to start right where you are. Click here to request a tool that will help you determine just that.

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