When you think about marketing do you feel anxious?

I realized this morning as I was starting a seven day focused marketing program, that instead of feeling happy that I was about to learn something new that might help me improve my results, what I was filled with were thoughts of “will this even work?”

This was going to be a post about how the thought of marketing makes us feel so anxious and perhaps how we could reframe our thinking to make marketing not just more palatable but actually fun!

And then I remembered something I learned from Dr. Maria Nemeth regarding how the journey to completion of just about anything goes. Regardless of the project, this is what you will experience.

The most motivated, intelligent and talented golfer in the world would not be any good at golf if they did not know the rules of the game. The same can be said of success, believes Nemeth, which is often why our dreams are not fulfilled.

The trick is to learn how to take ideas, dreams and visions which reside in the metaphysical reality and turn them into action in the physical reality…

An undifferentiated pool of energy exists in metaphysical reality and from that we develop exciting ideas, or as Nemeth calls them, ‘possibility puffs’.

Sometimes people mistake thinking about ideas, dreams and visions for goals. But the way things operate in metaphysical reality are not the same as in practical reality. We can’t live in the metaphysical reality.

Dr. Maria nemeth

So what holds us back when we try to cross the border between metaphysical and practical?

Our ‘monkey minds’. Monkey mind, or constant chatter as it is described by Buddhists, brings all your doubts and anxieties to the fore.

You get trouble at the border because the monkey mind operates at the border and you look for things to go wrong. You need to learn to observe it otherwise you will be a creature of your monkey mind. You need to take small steps across the border.

dr. maria nemeth

To put plans in place and ultimately hit goals there are three things in the physical reality that you must be aware of, according to Nemeth:

1. Whatever you want to do takes energy, you cannot make it happen with visualisation. There are six types of energy needed to reach goals: time, money, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment and relationships.

2. Everything is always changing so our strategy and plan may have to change. However, the intention or the goal does not change.

3. Everything is unpredictable. We know things change but we cannot predict the direction of change.

I created a short video, based on everything I learned from Dr. Nemeth, (less than 5 minutes) found here, about why you sometimes don’t always achieve your goals.

I guess the real point I’m supposed to make here is that we can never outdistance our monkey mind. We need to welcome it when it comes knowing that it’s par for the course.

I am reminding myself that I need to take small steps standing on the border of my new project – not trying to see it all – but doing what can be done every day for the next seven days. Be encouraged and remember to look at the short video here. Your journey will make more sense and although I knew of it, I needed to be reminded today!

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