Relationship building cannot start with a hard sell

Have you ever received a friend request on Facebook or someone wanting to connect on LinkedIn and then soon after you get a message asking you if you’re interested in a business idea or crypto currency or some other sales pitch to buy their premium offering. How does this make you feel?

Think about who you buy from. I am guessing it’s a business or someone you know, like and trust. After connecting with me I don’t yet know you, like you or TRUST you.

I always say intent is important and I don’t think the intent of people who try to sell right after connecting is bad. I do think they don’t know better. Most sales are made first with education and then over time, a sale might be eventually made.

Educate first, then sell.

If you’re going to provide an opt-in, that is, a newsletter, book, checklist or anything similar in exchange for an email address – please make sure that the freebie you provide is remarkable. It’s YOUR mark on it after all so remember that if what you provide is un-meh-morable, that’s precisely how potential customers will think of you.

Your intention should be to blow those newcomers minds and knock their socks off with your free offerings.

Rather than up cycling some old, dusty content or quickly slapping something together in a day for the sake of being able to collect email addresses, you should be crafting a work of art for these people that adds real value and transformation to their lives.

The trust factor is exceedingly important and this only happens if you nurture your relationships

  • Give an experience worth sharing
  • Prove that you can be a worthy guide
  • Demonstrate that you have their interest at heart

Success in EVERY business (company of one or many) is based on trust. 

And to win that trust, businesses must obsess over the questions, concerns, and problems their buyers have, and address them as honestly and as thoroughly as possible—just as much online as they do offline. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a belief that buyers have changed, and sales and marketing must evolve with them. 

You have a vision, and I have a way to get you there.

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