Tolerance despite differences

We all wish that everyone could think like us. After all our point of view is sound. We know what we are talking about and…well…we are right.

There is so much intolerance these days. As I read comments on posts I am amazed how rude and disrespectful some people are as they defend their rights to comment and state their case.

In such cases we resort to being aggressive, patronizing and insulting.

Is there another way?

I believe that we all have a right to our feelings, beliefs and values, however, and this is a huge HOWEVER – we must be practice the art of tolerant compromise.

What does that mean?

When you practice the art of tolerant compromise today, there is likely no reason at all why you cannot continue to love, esteem, and respect those individuals whose opinions and ideas differ from your own.

The outcome

You may be pleased to discover that you can easily relate to a wider variety of individuals. In this same vein, minor disagreements with family and friends will probably provoke spirited yet friendly debates rather than angry confrontations.

This is not to say that we adopt the values and beliefs of others. But we can respect that their life paths have offered them a different set of experiences that shaped their beliefs and values, whether you think they are right or wrong.

Adopting an attitude of tolerance will allow you to get along with others even when you do not see eye-to-eye today.

Open-mindedness will take you that much further than remaining insular and guided by your limited life view.

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