Climbing one mountain always exposes another peak

Daily Om

“Life is an uphill battle”, I’m sure is a phrase that you’ve heard or said yourself countless times.

Life can feel tough at times. Like now. COVID 19 has changed everything. It seems that we are facing more challenges like never before. Just when it appears as if everything is under control – less people are getting the virus and even less people are dying from it – boom! We hear of a new variant! With no end in sight this can feel downright scary.

In our own day to day, we are also overwhelmed as we strive for perfection despite everything that’s happening in and around us.

This striving for perfection is not new though. We are accustomed challenging ourselves to perform without flaws yet is this even possible?

When was the last time you did something 100 % perfectly and where did you get the perfect standards against which you could measure your perfection? Ahhhh that’s right – you made them up based on something you saw on television or read about or discovered on social media. You saw someone’s end result, where they outlined the steps without the struggles.

And that’s the reality. We all have mountains to climb.

Life will always challenge us and within every climb, we are sure to meet obstacles. Life is actually a combination of rock climbing and mountaineering.

In mountaineering the focus is on summiting the mountain. The ultimate goal.

In rock-climbing, the biggest adjustment for most people is the vertical environment. In most other activities, when you feel tired you can stop and rest. Not so with rock-climbing. Since you are clinging to the side of a mountain, you are expending energy just staying where you are. In other words, when you stop, you’re not resting; you’re fading.

When you’re rock-climbing, as in your own life, you have to keep moving. If you’re not moving up, you’re moving sideways to find a better route. Even moving backward (when you must) must be strategic. If you pause to rest, you will quickly find your energy depleted, and you will move downward at an alarming pace; that is, you will fall.

Any growth requires you to operate in a vertical environment, and you must constantly keep moving up, or you will fade and slide backward. In life, resting will only result in you falling if you choose to remain in that position perfecting your next move. If we waited until everything was ‘perfect’ before we did anything, we would just always be waiting.

Our best is not a mountain peak. It’s going to always change as we grow and evolve and once we conquer one peak, we’re certain, that another will reveal itself and that’s OK because that’s life. The only thing constant is truly, change.

What is your mountain peak today and what obstacles stand in the way as you ascend? Click here to see some of the obstacles standing in the way of many professionals today.

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