What do you believe?

Regardless of what you are able to envision – see yourself in some future – nothing actually comes to being until you believe.

If there is doubt, you don’t believe.

You might think it’s possible but you just don’t believe it’s possible for you.

I recognized this recently in my own life. I believe possibility for everyone else but myself.

It’s difficult to believe, without evidence. If it’s happened, then it could happen. If it never happened – how do we believe?

I recently looked at two docuseries o Netflix: Naomi Osaka and Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Colin in black and white.

I keep thinking about them both and about belief. Naomi’s belief about being able to win saw her eventually beating Serena Williams. Colin was great at baseball but wanted to play football. Despite not many believing in him and everything around him playing football, looking terribly bleak, he believed in himself.

This is the challenge: to believe without evidence that you can. There is no history. Only imagination. We can never cede creative control to anyone else.

I’m currently reading ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle. Because I describe myself as a recovering people pleaser this line spoke to me:

I lost myself when I learned how to please.

In one of the chapters, she talks about Alicia Keys who decided at one point that she was going to discontinue wearing makeup. At an event following this statement, someone ‘caught’ her and called her out on putting on lipstick. Her response “I will do what the fuck I want!”

We can make our rules.

We can break our rules.

We can do whatever works for us, no apologies.

Glennon says “maybe we are all fire-wrapped in skin trying to look cool”.

I agree.

We are all walking around with light buried within, desperate to fit in when what we need to do is freakin’ explode with all our goodness.

Before belief comes imagination and here’s an important question to contemplate:

How can we begin to live from our imagination instead of our indoctrination?

Things will fall apart when we choose to live authentically. The old house needs to come down before the new one can be constructed. We need to start telling our truth even if it makes every one in the room uncomfortable.

Question and reexamine your beliefs. Why are you so afraid? What can you do today to start living a new story.

Give yourself the gift of fifteen minutes a day visualizing what you wish to have happen. Make no excuses. Accept no limitations. If you can see it, then you start to feel it, the next thing you know you will believe, and that’s when dreams start coming true.

Take the first step.

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