your sacred autobiography

Do you sometimes feel as if you know where you’re going and at other times feel so radically inadequate that you’re too embarrassed to say?

Despite having done well on formal tests or perhaps performed poorly and worldly success continues to elude you – I am sure that you have already come to the realization on your own, that those tests have NOTHING to do with who you are.

No personality test or employee assessment to determine whether you should get a raise, can calibrate your uniqueness or comprehend the singular contribution that you are meant to make in the world.

Your imprint on the world is found along a path that only you could walk. It is your unique path.

That feeling that you feel, that you don’t belong, that you’re unsure of your purpose; the feeling that you’re lost or disconnected; this happens because you overlook your path in lieu of a path that on the surface looks more exciting and more rewarding.

Except, traversing the path of another pulls you further away from living your authentic and unique Sacred Autobiography. The further afield you go, the lonelier you will get, and the more disconnected you will feel.

This must not be confused with the unfamiliar feeling you get when you first start to walk your path.

When you first begin to walk your path it would be uncomfortable. It would take getting used to. After all, you’ve been schooled in walking other people’s paths; being like Mike, copying the moves of others.

  • Mimicking has its place.
  • Learning new ways and approaches has its place.
  • Practicing winning strategies has its place.

But the delivery, the offering, is distinctly yours. It’s like hearing a riff and knowing immediately that it’s Santana as in his customized guitar and chords from his 1999 “Maria, Maria” sampled in DJ Khaled’s single “Wild Thoughts,” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller.

Walking your path takes practice. The more you walk your path, the more your path emerges, evolves, becomes. With each step your path will deepen, become more defined, not only to you but to others who need to walk with you as you teach and share what you came here to do.

When you walk your path, marketing becomes easier for you. The more defined and entrenched your path, the more you embody your journey in totality, the easier it becomes for those who need you the most to find you.

Once you live your unique story, you will no longer feel desperate to live in someone else’s life, or follow someone else’s path.

If you’re feeling jealous, if you’re feeling unhappy, perhaps you’ve been traveling along a path not meant for you.

Course correcting starts with awareness. It starts with observing not just what you do, but how you feel. It starts with examining your proclivities. What can you engage in for hours and feel no stress or desire to stop? What is your tendency in certain situations: to problem solve, to map out a process, to provide comfort? To make a heavy situation lighter to bear by being funny? In all instances in your life, you can find clues to the path your soul yearns to be on.

Making sure you’re on your path and living out your Sacred Autobiography is important to the world.

We need you to be out of struggle and living larger and on purpose so that you can be an inspiration to others who want to rise up too as they begin walking their paths. We want to program future generations that they are good enough, can live the way they want to live and that they can use their creative minds to manifest all the wealth, resources and support needed to make their unique difference in the world!

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