What if it doesn’t work?

Change is constant

The last time we “spoke” was in November!

I was back to iterating…AGAIN!

I went against all good advice which says that you need to remain consistent in order to be remembered.

Once again I risked you guys forgetting about me.

But here’s the thing: we all have to go through whatever it is we need to go through in order to get to wherever we are going; and that is very personal.

We’d all like an easy paint by numbers because who really wants to think all this shit through?

There really aren’t any hacks or shortcuts. Once we figure things out for ourselves, no one can bullshit us.

We don’t spend tons of money (money that we really can’t afford to spend) on magic balls and unicorns that instead of delivering us into the promised land, instead takes us further into a forest where we are more confused than ever.

I was burnt out and quite frankly had to take a much needed break.

I was left with a lot of time to think.

  • Was I making a difference?
  • Were those who worked with me, getting to where they wanted to go?
  • Were they able to do the work they were placed on this earth to do, or were they getting bogged down and buried under information overload?

The short answer was “no!”

Too many moving parts.

Too much to learn, understand and assimilate.

What if it were possible to create from the inside out?

Not looking at what anyone else was doing but doing only those things that you felt comfortable doing?

What if you could see clearly your offerings, solutions, and value and make it simple that your clients easily found you and wanted to work with you?




Just saying the word, makes me want to fill my lungs with air and feel the lightness within.

Here’s what else surfaced during thinking time

  • Are solopreneurs and small business owners really getting the help they need?
  • We struggle, not just with sales and marketing, but with finances, operations, HR and so much more.
  • I wondered whether we could be part of a movement where we could truly share our expertise to help each other grow?

Small businesses have always been getting a raw deal.

Solutions are never sustained.

Remember the Small Business Development Corporation?

Well that became the Business Development Corporation – the implementing agency for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago´s policy for enterprise development. The BDC is also the official trade promotion organization of Trinidad and Tobago, assuming the International Business Promotion and Export Certification functions once directed by the Tourism and Industrial Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, which ceased operation in 2006. The BDC offers an impressive and comprehensive portfolio of solution-driven products and services. We are committed to partnering with medium and large enterprises in the non-energy sector to transform their operations with creative business solutions while providing them with high quality service.

I came across this page for funding; it was first entry in the return search items for “funding small business in Trinidad and Tobago. I can’t say when it was written but I can say that most of the funding links suggested lead to pages that no longer exist!

I decided to create this: The Well-Paid Pro Small Business Evolution

Remember FUBU the American hip hop apparel company? FUBU stands for “For Us, By Us”

My vision is for us to help each other. Not sales pitch each other to death. I mean come together and help each other evolve, transform and grow.

My mission is to curate your talent and skills, shine a light on what you’re doing here and work with you to design and build your business around your individuality.

This is not about doing work for free.

This is not about buying from you because you are part of a group.

This is about doing what we’ve always said at one time or another – elevating how we do business in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is about being profitable through service in a spectacular way!

Let us be an example. Let small businesses lead the way!

I want to tell your stories.

I want to get to know you better.

I want to truly help the solopreneurs and small business owners in Trinidad and Tobago.

Welcome to the evolution!

So Giselle…what if this doesn’t work?

Great question!

My answer: How will we know if we don’t even try?

We need to look at this evolution through the lens of R&D.

What do I mean by the “lens of R&D?”

I mean the practice of committing to taking an iterative approach to introducing the change we wish to see, with the knowledge that some approaches will fail spectacularly, some will win dramatically, and many will have a minor impact.

Discussion questions:

  1. What challenges do you face now in your business?
  2. Are you paid well/paid what you’re worth for the services you offer?

Share your answers below.

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