The fortune is in the follow-up

I love how words work together.

The phrase jumped out at me, while reading a newsletter from Reuben Swartz.

“It’s a truism for sales”, he said – the fortune is in the follow up.

No lies there.

Wouldn’t it be great if we just put out one ad, sent one email, made one phone call and then got the order?

Yeah I guess…but what would you be building?

We want to nurture relationships. We don’t want one transaction. We want our customers to not just buy from us once. We want them to buy again and again AND refer others to us.

That happens when we follow up.

Customers may need more time to assess, analyze, and interpret what we have to offer. They need time to get to know us and like us. They need time to decide whether they could trust us. AND they need a way to sample or try what we have to offer with the minimal amount of risk.

This happens when we follow up and follow through on promises made. Whether it’s to send a case study, a white paper, a link to a website with frequently asked questions, to suggest a service provider they could use, to provide them with the number for a reliable plumber, to recommend a book, to provide prices…

But to follow up we need to remember to follow up.

Don’t drop the ball.

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