You can’t F*ck with the tea leaves

Have you ever thought that you figured out all the necessary steps toward the change you seek?

Have you ever rolled out your plan and then have it immediately backfire, or blow up in your face?

Often in life, however we imagine the future to be, is not quite how it turns out in reality.

People will give you an answer – the opposite of what you expected.

People you thought had your back will leave you exposed.

People you considered loyal will become turncoats in a heart beat.

“Reading the tea leaves” comes from tasseography, which is the practice of telling someone’s fortune by “reading” a splotched or smeared substance. In the middle ages, self-proclaimed clairvoyants would use melted wax or molten metals for the process, but after the tea trade exploded in the 17th century, these leaves from the Far East became the magic material of choice for this Western tradition.

So “it’s in the tea leaves” probably means “it’s meant to be. It’s already been predicted.”

“You can’t fuck with the tea leaves” probably means “you can’t fuck with fate” or “you can’t change your future”.

I think despite what the tea leaves say, you can change your future but you can only control yourself.

You can control what you do, and how you do it, but you cannot predict the responses you will get, the reactions…and that’s OK.

Your response is what’s important. How you regroup and move forward is what’s important.

Don’t be deterred.

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

You can’t fuck with the tea leaves but don’t let the tea leaves fuck with you!

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