Best natural wig ever – does not look or feel wiggy

I’m not interested in the product but I was captivated by the presentation. Take a look here.

It was so relatable, engaging and providing answers to questions that you already had in your head.

  • Will it look like a wig?
  • Can I wash it?
  • Does it come in different colours?
  • How functional is it – can I put it in different styles?

The presentation was as natural as the wig claims to be and at the end, if I was interested in the product I was ready to buy.

The customer journey is a series of behaviours that starts with them wanting to know if they could like you and trust you enough to take their hard earned money and buy from you.

Baby Naps Custom Twisted Wigs covered all those bases in one single presentation.

Always think in terms of your customers.

  1. What information would they need to support the journey towards buying from you?
  2. What questions are already in their heads that you need to answer?
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