As a business owner do you need support to grow when things fall apart?

We see that one person in the forefront – the owner, the developer, the creator and we think – they’ve created success by themselves…but if we look closely: no one makes it on their own.

You NEED like-minded people who will keep you from feeling alone and isolated.

You NEED people to help you grow when eviction looms, work is slow coming in, projects overwhelm and health issues surface.

These people become your support and as Dr. Marcia Reynolds says – they are your “positive conspiracy for change”.

We tend to as solopreneurs and small business owners, hold our problems close to the chest.

We are ashamed and embarrassed because we feel that we should execute perfectly every single time.

There are people out there who will NEVER understand the workings of the entrepreneurial brain. Especially those closest to you who find that perhaps the dream is taking too long to be brought to fruition. We ourselves get fed-up, if we were brutally honest, of our own ineptitude in many areas. It’s a roller-coaster, rocking rolling, zigging zagging journey and sometimes we can feel tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes we will want to quit.

It is in that moment that you must do yourself a favor and reach out to someone, listen to a podcast, read something inspirational, search for encouragement on YouTube, or phone a friend.

Get your fix; get filled up and get going again!

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