Do you feel more comfortable having a Plan B when setting business or financial goals?

“When you’re living your Plan B, success is someone else’s success. You’re living inherently based on someone else’s expectation of you.” @payalkadakia 

It seems like a good idea to have options, but many times on the entrepreneurial journey, energy is limited.

If you try to do too many things at the same time, you will not make progress as you would if you were single minded in purpose and focus on ONE THING.

Plan the best course of action and watch it play out.

My friend Bob Oros shared this story in his course – Increase your Gross Profit on Every Sale:

A sales manager I worked for insisted that I call on a certain account every week even though it seemed hopeless to ever sell them. On the very first call the customer tore my business card up in little pieces. The customer had a problem with a previous sales person. The sales person had left the company with a grudge and had left several things undone. This particular customer had several special orders for a banquet.

The day the product was due for delivery the customer found out that the sales person had quit and never turned in the order.

However, I followed orders and finally, after 37 weeks of calls, he gave in and bought something from me.

If it had been up to me I never would have done it, however, the boss followed up and asked me every week if I made the call.

Have the necessary persistence to overcome their resistance and plan to outlast the competition. You have the knowledge of knowing you can turn them into a customer as long as you stay with it.

How badly do you want your Plan A? Do you have persistence?

Take the test to see how much persistence you have. Ask yourself
this one question – what is your biggest accomplishment and how long did it take to accomplish it? If you have a major accomplishment that took you over THREE YEARS – welcome to the club

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