what is the most important sale that you need to make daily?

The ducks are all lined up:

  • You have your process clearly defined
  • You know who you’re targeting
  • You have your list
  • Your sales presentation slides are complete
  • You have created and packaged a “taste” of what you do
  • You finally a comfortable with your pricing structure
  • You know what you want your yearly income to be

Like I said – ALL the ducks are lined up.

So why aren’t you promoting and selling yourself daily?

That’s because you are neglecting to sell you on you FIRST before attempting to share with anyone else.

You need to sell you on:

  • Your capabilities
  • Prowess
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • You need to believe that you are well and able.

Repeat affirmations daily. Revisit the benefits of “why” you’re doing what you’re doing.

Sell you on you daily.

You’ll feel better and pretty soon, believe better for yourself and your family.

Try this on:

  1. Being me is my greatest asset, raising the vibrational flow of everything I do and say.
  2. My success is a choice powered by my passion, beliefs and commitment.
  3. I have the confidence and knowledge to take action.

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