What can you do when your marketing and sales efforts fail consistently?

Your bank balance is at an all time low. You wake up knowing that you HAVE to make something happen TODAY! Your mad scramble begins to generate money.

Some days your hustle works. Some days it doesn’t.

Our natural response to anything that doesn’t seem to be working is to try harder, push more, put more effort into it. Or we assume that what we’re doing is wrong and so we anxiously scour the terrain for a quick fix or immediate solution.

In a nutshell – here’s what you need to know: If you can get your message, market, and media right, you’ll be on your way to marketing dominance.

To get there you need to ask yourself the following:

What is the problem I’m solving and for whom?

  • Is it a problem others know they have?
  • Is it a problem they want solved?
  • Is it a problem for which they will happily exchange money for a solution?

How best to package and position the solutions I offer?

Why am I the one they should get it from?

Once you are clear on these questions then you need to figure out how you will get found. You have covered getting clear, and understanding your offering. So now you need to ask:

  • How will my ideal clients find out about me?
  • How do I build trust and credibility in a systematic way?
  • How do I attract the right people to what I have?

And finally you need to consider: How do I take the need to sell what I have off the table so that people just show up wanting what I am offering?

This is the foundation you need to build a successful business. As you can imagine, missing this part will result in more of the helter skelter, roller coaster journey you’ve probably been experiencing.

The solution is to lead with strategy, lay the foundation, then build your business.

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