Belief triggers the power to do. Without belief – you won’t succeed

I love the classics.

Today I decided to re-read ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz.

Why so few people are financially independent…

According to Dave – “It’s not about the variation in intelligence. . . it’s not about the number of hours worked. . . it’s not about education or health. There is one big difference. The difference is that the rich fellow thought five times bigger during his career.”

If Thinking Big accomplishes so much, why don’t we all think that way?

“All of us,” says Dave, “more than we recognize, are products of the thinking around us. And much of this thinking is little, not big. It tells you “whatever will be will be,” that your destiny is outside your control, that “fate” is in complete control. So forget those dreams, forget the better life. Be resigned.”

Grant Cardone tells us to set targets that are 10x greater than what you believe you can achieve and take actions that are 10x greater than what you believe are necessary to achieve your goals.

So where do we need to pay attention?

Two areas really – our thoughts and our actions. We need to rid ourselves of average thinking and average action.

Do you believe that you can succeed?

Do you think your work is important? Do you think you can make a difference? You are what you THINK you are, and therein lies the difference in outcome. Failure or success? Become more aware of what you’re choosing daily. Don’t get in your own way.

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