How do you turn what you know into what you do to get what you truly desire?

Do you need someone to tell you what you need to do next in your life based on where you are?

Is it a lack of knowledge?


Maya Angelou says that when we KNOW better we DO better – but I am not sure that it’s automatic – the doing part.

There is a huge difference between knowing how to do something and actually taking action.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that only knowledge counts and as a result billions is made yearly by authors giving us that knowledge.

I have found that it takes being REMINDED daily and taking action daily that moves us forward. We all feel that we must take enormous strides but it is in the doing of the little but significant things that makes all the difference.

Bob Proctor reminds us that a person’s paradigm—ideas that are fixed in the subconscious mind—determines if they’ll be successful because the paradigm (which is a collection of habits) literally controls their behavior.

We are comfortable though with our habits and so we must be determined to focus on shifting our paradigms daily.

We can do that with written reminders like what David did after a three day hiatus from the Internet.

  1. By default, data and Wi-Fi on my devices is off, and the laptop is closed. Calls and texts are accepted.
  2. By default, the phone is out of arm’s reach (in its wall-mounted holster in the kitchen, if possible)
  3. By default, I don’t use the internet before 11am
  4. By default, Saturday and Sunday are offline days
  5. By default, one or two weekdays are offline days (which ones depend on the week)
  6. By default, before turning on data or Wi-Fi, I list on a sticky note what I’m going to do online
  7. By default, don’t choose an online activity when an offline one will do
  8. By default, avoid taking on hobbies that require regular internet use
  9. When you notice you’re ignoring these rules, close the laptop and put the phone away, and choose an offline activity to do for a while*

Or we can recite affirmations or listen to recorded affirmation statements in our voice.

Whatever works, try it.

Repetition and emotion is what will create the change.

Proctor says, “You do it by impressing the image of the “new you” on your subconscious mind every day…when you do that day after day, the new image takes hold in your subconscious mind, thereby replacing the current paradigm, and you automatically begin to do the things that will get you where you want to go.”

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