Start and never stop. Momentum moves mountains

I remember hearing a motivational talk referencing a moving train with the question: Have you ever tried to stop a moving train?

If you visualize it, with all the power of a train, it would be impossible to stop this massive piece of machinery.

But similarly, a train starting off builds momentum first before getting to top speed.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to start, but less and less so, as you continue moving; yet often we stop.

The magic is in the streak.

I walked every day for 100 days and lost weight….I think overall in excess of the 100 day streak I lost in total, about 15 pounds and then I stopped.

Once I did that, the weight started piling right back on.

The rest. The pause. The hiatus is the killer.

Jason Leister talks about discipline versus habit.

A habit is something that requires no discipline because it’s been installed in your regular routine.


So, every morning when I wake-up and start my routine of coffee, meditation and running hill sprints, I’ve removed the need to invite Mr. Discipline by choosing to do the routine every single day.

But I’ve also given myself an out. Something to placate my mind’s bizarre interest in being a lazy sloth.

I can “take off” any day I want…as long as it’s not today.

I realize that the focus needs to be on the daily execution. The Nike essence of just doing it. Whether it’s walking, writing or meal prepping, it’s the daily “do” that counts with the reminder that you must keep going until like Jason says, it’s installed in your regular routine.

That’s when mountains start to move, weight falls off, blogs start doing the intended work of leading potential clients to your website with words that match their search, and cooking no longer feels stressful and overwhelming.

What comes before any train moving is the START!

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