To achieve true success and abundance, is your mind in the best optimal state ?

I believe it was Dan Kennedy who recommended that I get Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind by Napoleon Hill. Dan said that this was by far better than the book Hill became famous for – Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon had once believed that it was essential that he owned a big house and drove nothing less than a Rolls Royce. However, the extravagant spending prior to the Great Depression of 1929 led to him losing his estate.

Napoleon wrote Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind when he was 84 years old. By then he had tons of experience under his belt (he wrote Think and Grow Rich when he was 54 years old) and enough time to test principles in the real world and distill wisdom which he shared in the book.

Freedom, according to Hill, manifests itself in many different ways.

  • freedom from negative forces which may take possession of the mind and from any such negative attitudes as worry and inferiority
  • freedom from any feeling of want
  • freedom from all fears
  • freedom from seeking something for nothing
  • the habit of being one’s self and doing one’s own thinking
  • the habit of giving before trying to get
  • freedom from anxiety

If your mind is not in the best optimal state – you simply cannot experience true abundance. Abundance starts with feeling gratitude for everything and knowing that you are abundant already.

When we discuss abundance in business, we are usually talking about money. The question is: will you master money or – will it master you?

Hill cautions that we lose peace of mind when we pursue money too anxiously.

“Enough money” is a relative term. When you feel you will be satisfied enough for solid comfort and securities and some luxuries, you often attain more.

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