As business owners we say we have faith yet never ask for what we want

Whenever a solopreneur or business owner reaches out to me, they can usually list all the things that are not working for them.

  • Their website isn’t working
  • They are wasting time on social media
  • They need help with customer service
  • They are not sure what to do next
  • They are not making enough money

Interestingly, before anything could happen, they need to tell me what they want. I often ask, because money is almost always an issue…

What is your number?

Many can’t answer this question or perhaps are afraid to actually voice it because they don’t believe that it is possible.

Without clarity – as in – if you don’t know what you want, how can I, or anyone else help you?

You have to be certain AND once you decide, you need to keep whatever it is that is driving you front and centre.

I am always amazed at how we set goals and then go about our lives, never focusing on the progressive realization of said same goals, and wonder why we aren’t hitting those goals.

On a daily, yep, I said D-A-I-L-Y basis.

If not done daily, you lose sight of the big picture and get pulled off your game by distractions.

Once we know WHAT we want, the next step is to ASK for help.

Yet most of us just muddle through, hoping that we will figure it out. We don’t ask for help because we can’t afford to pay for the help. So we remain stuck.

But what about faith?

Do you think, that if you sincerely asked for help/guidance, that none will come?

I believe it was Marianne Williamson who said…there is no such thing as a faithless person.

It comes down to what you have faith in. If you think that nothing will happen if you ask for help, then guess what? NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!

If on the other hand, you think that there is possibility, that’s when the magic happens. People show up in your life. Doors open. Things start happening in ways you never dreamed possible.

But you need to stop complaining.

  1. Ask for what you need.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Delegate.
  4. Hire others to assist.

Have faith, and ask!

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