Within every belief is a lie

Think about your life so far as a book of sorts…and then think about what you’ve come to believe. Your book is filled with beliefs that you’ve collected over many years, from stuff your grandparents, parents, teachers, and friends told you; great grandparents and generations before you have influenced what you believe. You also form belief from books you’ve read, subjects you studied, and documentaries, movies and news programs you’ve watched.

In every belief there is the truth, and there is a lie. How can you discern truth?

Some beliefs have no doubt been helpful, and some have been definitely holding you back.

How we present ourselves in the real world is a projection of how we believe we need to be.

For a long time, even though I knew intuitively that only authenticity will attract real lasting abundance and prosperity, I chose not to emphasize that aspect of my work because I believed that people would not be interested.

Today I ask: how will you know if you’re interested in something that you’re not even aware of?

We often here about authenticity but how do we access our authentic self?

You can play ‘dress up’ for so long that you forget who you are. You let the world see a persona, but it’s not necessarily YOU in YOUR ESSENCE.

The first step towards authenticity is to unmask your character.

The more you are SEEN, the more influential you can be. Your attitude and application affects how others perceive you and this contributes significantly to how your contribution is received. The more self-knowledge you possess, the greater your influence.

It starts here. Know thyself. Don’t assume you do.

I put together a short presentation that shows you how you can explore the story that drives you and discover the insight you need to live well. Click here to take a look at that now. [You will find it about mid-way down that page.]

This is important to you and your livelihood. Many of the problems that you are encountering start here – not knowing and understanding WHO YOU ARE. I will no longer keep quiet about this.

This is necessary and oh so rewarding when you realize that you have are predisposed to a natural style and natural pattern of behaviour and success comes more quickly, when you find projects that allow you to exercise this pattern.

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