does your small business marketing feel like an impossible puzzle?

The Clearly Impossible Puzzle is being sold on Amazon and described as uniquely designed to be one of the hardest puzzles you will ever complete (if you can). Numerous false edge and corner pieces is an additional twist! Every piece is completely different, no piece is the same.

I know that marketing can feel like an impossible puzzle. There are numerous occasions where, when you factor everything in, you have all the pieces, yet often it feels as if something is missing or the pieces you have are not fitting together and giving you what you want.

I’m guessing that this impossible puzzle probably will take a lot of focus and concentration especially since there are numerous false edges. I’m guessing too that the builder will probably get frustrated, umpteen times before finishing or giving up.

We are all seeking a solution to our marketing challenges because we understand that without it, we are dead.

Perhaps what we need is to take a step back from all the pieces. Maybe we need to refocus on what we are trying to build. What problems are we solving and for whom? Are we guessing at what our clients want or are we asking them? Are we forcing what we have on our clients, like how we sometimes force two pieces of a puzzle together, in frustration, hoping for a miracle?

I don’t know how long it will take you to build – figure out – your marketing puzzle but I do know it won’t help looking at what others are doing. You are your own entity, with different strengths and different talents. What is impossible is to attempt at replicating someone else’s success story, exactly like it happened for them. They own that.

What you need to do is look at all the pieces in your puzzle and build out what only you can build.

This is the work. Start here.

And if you want company, join other like-minded Caribbean business owners, navigating their own journey here.

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