are you letting unworthiness hold you back from building a great business?

You are in a great place. So many good things are heading your way. Life is finally starting to make sense yet you may be thinking that good is not possible for you. OR that you are not worthy of the good things in life.

Where does unworthiness come from?

When did you start to feel unworthy in life?

I read this today:

Abundance is everyone’s natural state before we project our restrictions on it – defining what it means, who has it, and who gets it.

We need to take ourselves out of our conditioning. Look through the lens of plenty and see just how much abundance you already have in your life. Life is filled with beauty, love, opportunities and divine synchronicities. We often can’t hear, feel, or detect direction because we are drowning in information. We are overstimulated to the point of distraction of what is true for us.

I was feeling un-ease over the weekend. And I realize that my phone is driving me nuts. I was looking at how much time I spend, looking, relooking, checking, picking up, putting down, checking again. It’s so bad now that I can’t watch a full episode of anything without checking my phone.

I am an already anxious type – can you imagine what this is doing to my anxiety?

I keep hearing a whisper to slow down, step away from social media. I am in crisis. Everything is so attached to social feedback. It’s the drug that no one wants to talk about, but we are all addicts. Needing the hit – first thing in the morning and thousands of times thereafter, before we finally fall off to sleep.

We sleep but there is no real rest and then we start over.

For me, this is now causing empathy overload where I am tuned in to the collective angst and fear about impending changes and uncertainties – all of which are unmanageable and I feel as if I am drowning in a sea of emotions, many of which aren’t my own!

Unworthiness can only begin to seep in, when we are so disconnected from ourselves, so dependent on the approval and “OK” of someone out there, that we lose our sense of self. We forget who we are and can no longer hear the guidance from within which never fails.

Marianne Williamson says it beautifully here on

I trust life not because I trust the world, but because I trust the God who lives in my heart. I try to remind myself not to go anywhere or do anything without asking for spiritual direction through prayer and meditation. I don’t trust that there are no muggers in the park, no people who would mistreat my heart. But I trust my intuition, my common sense and my intelligence. I would not enter that park or that relationship or that business situation without first checking in with my internal radar, for that is how God speaks to us…When we stay close to the wisdom of our own knowing, seeking solutions to our problems in the sanctuary of the heart and not in the vanity of the mind, then we can pretty much trust in the unfolding, mysterious wisdom of life.

We need to detach and soar above all the noise and clamor below. With the eyes of an eagles we can witness it all – the good, the bad, the ugly, but also the beautiful, remarkable, exciting possibilities that abound. When we meet obstacles we will rise above them, knowing that we are protected. We will rise above the judgment slings, and the arrows of envy from those who are still arguing with the pigeons below over crumbs.

I don’t think we will ever feel fully equipped, so there will always be doubt. Perhaps there is wisdom in acting despite the doubt, fears AND feelings of unworthiness. Let’s not waste time wondering why we feel unworthy. Let us trust and act on Spirit’s guidance NOW. Let us not hesitate as hesitation removes the air from beneath our wings and will drag us downward and as we lose altitude, mar or vision, and cause distortion in our reality field.

Trust your heart and your instincts.

Move forward with fear but do not waver.

Now is your time. It’s our time to act courageously and decisively. You can, we can, and we must!

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