do you agree that frustration is a sign you haven’t given up?

You would not be frustrated if whatever you’re doing didn’t matter to you. You are frustrated because some thing is not working in a way that you imagined it to work. Often we remain so close to an issue that we are unable to see the forest from the trees. We are so wedded to an outcome that we are blind to the progress we are actually making. We are distracted by all the noise out there that we are unable to hear our own truth and the clarity that comes with that.

We are frustrated because we are not living OUR life. We are living a version of “this is how it is supposed to be”; “this is where we should be by now…”

According to whom?

We are frustrated because we are living a lie. We are busy projecting a successful external version of ourselves while trying to bury the voice speaking our truth.

We are asking how can I make money doing that, which seems a legitimate question, yet despite the money we are making doing that other thing is still not bringing us peace, joy or satisfaction.

Whitney Houston always knew she wanted to sing. Sure she was born into a known family but she couldn’t skate on that alone. She needed to master her craft. When she sang she sang from her head, her heart and her gut. Her life was consumed with singing.

We are frustrated because we turn against our own desires in lieu of a life dictated by someone else. We follow generalized blueprints of success. It’s lazy, we know, but we do it anyway.

The frustration remains. It is a sign that we haven’t given up but let’s not expend energy in places where we won’t get meaningful results. Let’s put effort into that thing that is eating away at you and needs to be birthed. It doesn’t matter that Fred said it was stupid. Fuck Fred! It doesn’t matter that she said it didn’t make sense. What does she know?

You know that you know that you know.

And when you do the thing that matters most to you, I can’t promise that you will be totally cured of needing outside approval but you will have a new found appreciation in applauding and encouraging from within.

Be proud of you. Be proud of your efforts. Thank frustration. Do the work.

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