How do you embrace what makes you different?

We were not brought up to look for differences. We have been socialized to look for similarities…to look for ways to act the same, dress the same and want the same things. From an early age onwards our goal is to belong…never to stand out.

On the school playground, I remember being teased relentlessly. I didn’t fit it in. I was crushed. I think I spent most of my time at school trying to fit into various groups. There was the Vale group, the Bryn Mawr crowd, the netballers, the musicians. My goal was to mesh and disappear.

“Celebrate what makes you different!” – was a phrase I NEVER heard growing up.

Trying to be like every one else is what’s killing us today. Not being ourselves is what’s making us dour and depressed. We think it’s because we can’t look a certain way, or do a particular thing, but it’s really because we are not looking and acting like ourselves.

Cultivate the habit of ignoring the opinions of others. Stop agreeing when other people try to tell you, who you are. Don’t take a magazine’s word or some influencer’s word about what you should like or dislike.

Cultivate the habit of listening to yourself.

  • What do I like?
  • What are my tastes?
  • What activities drain me?
  • Which activities energize me?
  • Know yourself thoroughly.
  • Understand what makes you unique.

Embrace what makes you different! This is your game-changer!

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