you’re already ready and you’ll never be ready that’s why you should do it

Whatever that “it” is that you’ve been contemplating.

We want to feel a certain degree of peace with regard to our decisions. When we decide, we want reassurance that this is best for us; that whatever it is – it’s the right thing to do.

However there is never complete certainty. There is always going to be that little voice of self-doubt…the questioning voice that asks if what you’re chasing is practical. ‘Does it make sense?’ this voice begs.

We will always be caught somewhere between being ready and not being ready, but this place of uncertainty is not meant for a pause, it is a place for acceleration. For massive action and sometimes mistakes. But act we must.

Ducks only line up in our minds.

Shit will happen. Someone will fuck up. Plans will get derailed. Paths may seem too painful to trod yet – what is the alternative?

Go over and over the plans that you make?

Make iterations and then iterations of the iterations day in and day out?

Watch other people take messy action and judge them in public while secretly envying their progress in private?

Make great demands of yourself and don’t settle.

We are meant to serve. As we wallow in inaction we continue living and reliving a dream which remains pretty much sealed in our frontal cortex in a kind of ‘Hotel California’ of our own making.

Dreams yearn to be manifested. Don’t settle for less, but… don’t let ‘perfectionitis’, paralyze you.

The moral of this post: there is never going to be a great or perfect time to start. START NOW!

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