Teaching from an old wound will never allow you a new adventure

When I was a child, I use to advertise my wounds, like a badge of honour. I would show my friends a bruise or a scrape and if I had a cut, I would peel back the plaster so they could see it. Sometimes I would touch it, and I’d be fine, but once someone else did I would wince in pain. “Don’t touch it!” I would reprimand. After all, this was MY WOUND!

As the day wore on, the story I told about how I got the cut or bruise would also grow but at the end of the day, that story would have written its final chapter. The next day, I could not return talking about it because, it was now stale news.

This is what we do when we live from wounds in our lives.

We tell the story about how we were victimized, and then we tell that story over and over again. We become the victim – the inverted hero, who becomes very boring over time.

This story is one that goes no where, once you’ve told it.

Friends start avoiding you because being around you is like hanging out in a black hole, where you just suck out all the energy in the room.

This is a story of stagnation. There is no growth.

However think about if you talked about your wound, but then transitioned with optimism as to what would happen once you heal?

This gives you a completely different feeling right? You are optimistic about tomorrow. You are no longer reciting a dead end story, you are charting the way for a new adventure.

The ‘wound’ of course is a metaphor for any set back in life. Do we sit and wallow, or do we learn from it and grow?

We need to develop inspirational dissatisfaction and rearrange our attitude so that we can look forward with optimism. Turn your wounds into wisdom. Adventure awaits!

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