Follow the confidence you feel and connect to your destiny

There are certain things that we find we can grasp easily yet oftentimes, we may feel that these things come too easily to us, and we may choose to pursue something that offers a greater challenge. 

Discounting your natural talents may make the journey towards your goals that much longer. Alienating yourself from what comes naturally to you can lead only to pain and disappointment. You will find yourself feeling unsettled, a feeling that surfaces because you’re wasting the very thing that makes you unique, although you may not readily identify this as the cause. Instead you will express your pain as bitterness, envy and resentment, not recognizing the true source.

When we are engaged in activities that come naturally to us we feel more confident. When we clue into what brings us joy and what makes us feel fully alive, we are plotting the coordinates of our purpose.

What are your natural inclinations? Those deep desires that stir from within?

If you take stock of these abilities, inclinations and deep desires, you will find your place in the world. You will find the area that you can best make a contribution and as Robert Greene says “enrich society with discoveries and insights…because it is selfish to merely consume what others create and retreat into a shell of limited goals and immediate pleasures.”

When you follow this voice you will realize your potential and satisfy your deepest longings to create and express your uniqueness. If you follow the confidence you feel, you will determine where you can best be of benefit to yourself and those your serve. Your Life’s task is to bring this to fruition.

When you do this you become easily identifiable, and can earn well, by serving exceptionally, using your gifts.

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