Trust your unique expertise – you have everything you need

Feeling that we need more – more education, more information, more time, more money, more training, more experience – is a lie we tell ourselves to stay stuck because, believe it or not, this is a comfortable spot. It’s what we know. What we don’t know is what’s scary to us so we never venture beyond our comfort zone.

Yesterday I found myself thinking that I needed more information in several areas of my business. It’s my favorite go to alibi to stall progress. Then of course while searching for information on who is my best client, I found tons of information that I had organized into different business areas, carefully curated by ME!

The lesson was not lost on me.

What I say to myself in the moment, has a long lasting effect. I picked up my journal and wrote:


This is true for every situation. If we don’t believe it, then we will spend more time chasing after getting versus using what we already have in our possession. As we make use of what we have, what we need shows up in record time.

We’re watching a movie, and something is said that makes us go “ahhhhh”. We’re reading a book and a paragraph jumps off the page and we know that this is the answer. We get a call “out of the blue” and we see a way out of the financial situation we were in.

It happens but we must stay true to the work – our work to do on planet earth.

Don’t squander your expertise.

My girlfriend who DJ’s as a side hustle, said as she was about to start a practice session, that she felt as if she can’t mix skillfully. I told her that self-doubt usually emerges when we actually DO have the skill. It’s like me thinking that I can’t write.

What’s your “can’t”?

I think that when something comes naturally to us, when the learning didn’t seem hard – that’s when the conditioning of the world descends on us.

  • How can you be good at something that you didn’t toil for?
  • How can you be good at something that you grasped naturally and deepening your knowledge or technique around it was enjoyable?

We take for granted that which comes naturally to us. We take our gifts for granted and live constantly in the land of needing more because we feel inadequate.

Take inventory of your uniqueness. Listen closely to the feedback from your friends and clients.

  • “You are the type of person who always…”
  • “Working with you always feels easy because you…”
  • “Whenever X problem shows up, we think about you.” – these are ALL clues.

Spend time owning your gifts. Be proud of your natural talents and abilities. Take pride in how you show up and serve.

Trinidad and Tobago will be much better for it. The world will be a much better place because of your contribution and commitment, to showing up as you daily, knowing that you have ALL that you need!

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