Do you doubt your own ability to make a difference?

Self-doubt is par for the course. We all doubt ourselves from time to time. Today however it’s worse. Why, because we now measure everything we do by likes and comments from friends – some we know well, many are just ‘friends’ on social media. A like, a reaction, becomes our external grading feature. We haveContinue reading “Do you doubt your own ability to make a difference?”

We need to return to the Age of Exploration

It’s been a tough time for everyone. COVID-19 is the great equalizer. It has brought everyone to their knees and cast a spell of pessimism world-wide. Yet there is always hope, if only we shift our thinking and view life through different lenses. In the world of work, we have no choice other than toContinue reading “We need to return to the Age of Exploration”

A Writer not Keen on Writing…

Self-doubt. Wouldn’t it be great to free ourselves of any doubt? Freedom from doubt in EVERYTHING? In ourselves, in our beliefs, our fellowmen, the world, our thoughts, our decisions, our goals? We doubt ourselves and in so doing talk ourselves out of doing the things we feel drawn to. Like me sometimes with writing. I love toContinue reading “A Writer not Keen on Writing…”

“There is ONLY ONE of You in all of Time…”

…so said Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille, choreographer of Oklahoma. I don’t think we grasp the magnitude of that statement “there is only one of you in all time…” yet it’s true. We take for granted our uniqueness. We don’t see it. We think we have nothing new to offer. It’s all been done beforeContinue reading ““There is ONLY ONE of You in all of Time…””

Dare to let go of the edge of yourself!

Do you ever feel as if you’ve boxed your own self in? Do you ever feel trapped inside your very own life? Remember “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey? The movie is framed around the television show “The Truman Show.” Its main character, Truman Burbank, has lived his entire life since before birth in frontContinue reading “Dare to let go of the edge of yourself!”