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The unique experience you bring to the world can’t be found anywhere else – KYLE GRAY

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Today I provide an authority and presentation driven marketing support service for service-based professionals – a service needed now more than ever, especially during this crisis and economic upheaval.

Do you want to create a stable, long-term business that’s small enough to handle any economic climate, resilient enough to not have to lean too heavily on a single project or client, and autonomous enough to let you build a life around your work?

Then you are in the right place!

I believe that the way to build your business, attract more valuable leads, and convert those leads into customers especially during this pandemic, is to leverage and use presentations that sell, especially if you don’t have a huge team or deep pockets to spend on paid marketing or advertising.

Hi, I’m Giselle. Previously a corrugated carton account representative, chemical and waste water analyst, and print sales supervisor. I became a full-time self-employed professional in 1994.

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Giselle Hudson makes a living teaching consultants, practitioners, solo professionals, service based business owners & entrepreneurs how to turn their story into a message that impacts and results in them being well paid.

To be well paid means not only to be compensated generously for your solutions but to live a “well” life – a life of structure, harmony, joy and fulfillment.