20181005_112035Fun loving, intuitive and wise Personal & Business Development Strategist and Coach Giselle Hudson offers her G.I.F.T of Possibility™ [the guidance, ideas, framework and tools] for those clients who know WHAT they want but don’t know HOW to get there; who understand concepts and theories but don’t know how to apply them.

Her main focus is on bringing her clients into alignment so that they can comfortably step into market leadership by being crystal clear about WHAT they stand for, WHO they want to serve and earning money in a way that’s easy and natural for them.

Giselle found early on that, as she put it, she had “too much money and potential” in her to work for someone else. That made for a journey of a lot of trial and error and struggle because initially she tried very hard to be someone she wasn’t yet it also unlocked her greatest potential: if doing it like other people didn’t bring her positive results then she’d have to find her own way.

If I could have billboards up and down the Caribbean, on every island I would put just one sentence, black and bold against a white background:

Not fitting in and being yourself is your biggest asset.

Giselle and Mrs Massiah
Giselle with her favorite primary school teacher, Angela Massiah, who always saw her for who she was despite any acting out, nervousness or the occasional poor performance.

Each of us has something unique to offer, in a way that no one else could.

However we build our businesses, careers and relationships at the level of our limitations despite our highest intentions.

We are limited because most of us are not aware of our uniqueness, and if we are aware to some extent, we cannot see the whole picture. 

It’s like a blind spot, called “blind” for a reason – we cannot see it.

This is the real value of working with Giselle. As sales master Zig Ziglar said –

You cannot consistently perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.

Giselle facilitates a proven process that allows you to see an accurate picture of who you are and shows you how to leverage that to get the results you are after in your business and life.


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