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I’ve always been an entrepreneur with a Bishop girl’s soul and the heart of a pilgrim.

I used to collect soft drink bottles (you got a 25 cent return on each bottle), as most students weren’t interested in the return, and I stored those bottles in my locker. At the end of the week I would cash in the bottles and my bestie and I would walk across to Carvalho’s Ice Cream shop and order a chocolate sundae to share.

What many people don’t know about me

I am both artistic and analytical

I found this out through the help of a guidance counselor whom I saw after deciding that I no longer wanted to pursue a degree in Natural Sciences.

I am also a problem solver, authority strategist, storyteller, musician (guitar, cuatro and piano), artist, poet, songwriter, photographer, speaker, and copywriter. 

I worked as a waitress at Veni Mangé Restaurant back when they were located on Lucknow Street and often served a large salad to David Rudder on most Fridays.

I also delivered pizzas for Della’s pizza which was where Starlite Drugs is now in Diego Martin. This was owned by Peter De La Rosa and Della’s was the first pizza establishment to make deep-pan pizzas in Trinidad and Tobago.

In another lifetime, I worked as a Scientific Assistant at WASA doing chemical and wastewater analysis on water samples daily. I credit my knowing all of Trinidad and Tobago having traveled around the country with water samplers as part of the induction process to the Lab.

In 2011 I financed and hosted my own event called A World of Possibilities™ Dr. Marcia Reynolds –President of Covisioning LLC and master of teaching others how to engage in powerful conversations that connect, influence, and activate change, even when emotions are strong, was my keynote speaker.

Also speaking at that event was Karen Walrond,former engineer and attorney; now leadership coach, speaker and author.

Vickie Sullivan, top market strategist for thought leaders, professional speakers, and B2B firms, came as Marcia’s guest and what a combined surprise and treat that was for me, since I loved her work, way before I met her and had wanted to work with her but couldn’t afford it at the time. Isn’t life wonderful like that?

Josie-Ann Richards was my mistress of ceremonies and Marcia Miranda provided the entertainment. It was truly a great event and what made it exceptional, was that my mother could attend. Here is a series of pictures I put together memorializing the event:

As I look back at my journey through employment I’d say that I got the best of ALL worlds:

I worked with entrepreneurs Allison Hennessy, Roses Hezekiah and Peter De La Rosa, I worked in the Public sector at WASA, I worked at Caribbean Packaging Industries Limited a multinational company with headquarters in Monaco selling corrugated packaging and SCRIP-J Printers – a family owned business – where I sold print services and eventually headed up the Sales and Marketing Department until I resigned in December of 1994.

What I know for sure is that my gifts are solving problems, identifying and realizing potential, overcoming and winning over difficulties, being unique, making an impact and developing process.

It came naturally for me and I confirmed it later on when I came across MCODE, ( a narrative tool for self-discovery) where I eventually became a licensed facilitator – the only one in the Caribbean to date.

MCODE is not an assessment. It’s based on stories we choose to cull from our lives across time. So we may start with a story when we were 5, then 10 then 25 and finally 37. These stories reveal a pattern of behaviour that is unique to us.

Looking at actualreal-life behaviours experiences will reveal way more about you than any categories in a personality assessment. It’s not about what you think your life should be, it’s about looking at who you have proven yourself to be. This will lead self-awareness that is trueaccurate, and (most importantly) actionable. 

I’ve been tormented by and in search of answers to this question:

Why do some people get results, earn what they are worth and seem to enjoy what they are doing while other very talented folks struggle?

I’ve enjoyed earning a lot and living very well and I’ve experienced having no money at all – filled with doubt and thoughts that were dark and defeating.

In the last couple of years I have had my feet held to the fire of life, and have been broken into a million little pieces.

This is what happens sometimes when we ignore life’s gentler prodding. But pain is beautiful and there is no failure, only learning. Everything in my life so far has had a purpose.

Today I am embracing ALL of who I am and I have created a framework that others can follow to discover their own natural path to fulfillment

Click here if you feel unfulfilled in your work or business right now, but whatever it is, you keep on doing it with dedication and devotion.

You were not placed in that position entirely by accident. There are lessons for you to learn. Your total commitment to your present work and the experience you accumulate can serve as a springboard for the unfolding of your greater destiny.

You are unique and bring something different to the table and if we work together– my role is to walk that journey with you as I help you to maximize your chance for living your very best life.

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Many career, sales and marketing problems are solved leveraging the power of story telling. Giselle Hudson shows career professionals, service professionals, sales and marketing managers, service based business owners & entrepreneurs how to turn their story or their company’s story into a message that impacts and results in them being well paid.

To be well paid means not only to be compensated generously for your solutions but to live a “well” life – a life of structure, harmony, joy and fulfillment.

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