My Story

Giselle's recentThere is something preventing you from creating lasting change. You make some changes, start getting better results, but before you realize it – you’re right back to where you started! I experienced the same thing in my own life and it bothered me for years.

My name is Giselle and for a long time I wanted to earn money more consistently. I would always experience peaks and troughs in the money-making department and the troughs almost always outlasted the peaks! I also realized that when I earned money, it was always a certain amount and I could never move past that figure. Why was that happening?

Was it my habits, attitude, job, circumstances, skills, capability or just my fate?

I felt helpless because if I could not help myself, how on earth was I going to help other people? How could I fulfill my own purpose of being a light in the lives of others when my own life was so dark?

Hundreds of books and articles are published each year that attempt to teach us how to:

  • earn more money
  • get the best performance out of the people working for you
  • be seen and grow in your career of choice
  • increase your income streams
  • become fit and healthy and generally a happy and more dynamic individual
  • lose weight fast and keep it off
  • build a profitable business

In these books the author usually prescribes a course of action that will lead to the desired result based on a specific plan that worked for the author and for some of his students.

But it doesn’t work well for many readers even though they follow the author’s instructions.

Some people go through their lives without ever figuring out why certain plans don’t work for them and what actually works!

do something that mattersAs I read more books, applied what I read and learned through trial and error – I fine tuned my process and quadrupled my determination to end the performance struggle once and for all!

I made a decision commit my life to:

Providing the guidance, ideas, framework and tools to help you determine your own process for getting consistent results.

If you’re ready to take the first step in figuring out your own process then download the free guide: Discover your Unique Path to Transformation:  – A guide to moving from Breakdown to Breakthrough!