My name is Giselle

many of my friends just call me ‘Gis’

Previously a corrugated carton account representative, chemical and waste water analyst, and print sales supervisor. I became a full-time self-employed professional in 1994.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur with a Bishop girl’s soul and the heart of a pilgrim. To read more of my backstory…click here.

I’ve been tormented by and in search of answers to this question:

Why do some people get results, earn what they are worth and seem to enjoy what they are doing while other very talented folks struggle?

I am in the business of re-introducing each and every one to their God given potential, to be great and boundless, while helping them, if they so choose to build a sustainable and profitable company of one. Not a one person business per se, although it certainly can be, but one that questions growth first and then resists it if there is a better, smarter way forward. So, who do I serve? Click here to find out!

Want to cut to the chase because you already know what you want?

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