Recommit to your Goals…Daily!

Every day we need to recommit to our goals and the contracts we've made with ourselves...our intentions....what we choose to continue, alter, begin or stop! At the seat of it all is what we are thinking...while we are doing. The story we are telling is far more important than any action we take. When … Continue reading Recommit to your Goals…Daily!

Are you Communicating or just Talking?

When I saw this picture I had a good laugh. We sweet too bad lol. Then I got to thinking about messages. This message is clear and is put in a place where the person for whom it is intended will get it! Yet when we have a message we tend not to be so … Continue reading Are you Communicating or just Talking?

Never Lose Your Why

As we grow we sometimes lose sight of why we chose the work we do. Instead of serving a cause we shifted to serving for likes, recognition...climbing painfully up the attention status hierarchy. Today I went back to a simple exercise I did in 2005....I stated all the reasons why I wanted to achieve 3 … Continue reading Never Lose Your Why

What’s Your Word?

Have you ever heard about choosing one word and living with it for a year? Well some time back in November I decided to choose joy. Joy is the highest energy of all. It's the magical sense that everything is possible; it springs from appreciating the gifts in each moment except I wasn't doing that. … Continue reading What’s Your Word?

The Power of Music

Been thinking about the power of words and the river words travel Been thinking about's a new day...a gift... Every day we must face a fork in the road: make the same mistakes over what we have always done or decide that it's time for the illusion to end. Think about it: … Continue reading The Power of Music

The Power of Your Words

Sure we's just a joke...if I can't laugh at myself sometimes then who am I? I'm just poor and polite You know me...underloved...underpaid Memes abound...what our bank accounts look like...our take home pay doesn't take us home...we're blowing our retirement money and going on a trip...should be back by lunchtime. Funny? Sure! But Maya … Continue reading The Power of Your Words

How Memorable will this December be?

The start of a new month always holds promise. We look back at what might have been and look ahead towards what's possible. We have not yet put our life pen to December's paper yet... Somewhere lurking behind all our thoughts of promise and possibility lie our doubts, fears, and insecurities. This is normal. Make … Continue reading How Memorable will this December be?

What Happens When We Ignore Messages?

I'm not talking about voice mail messages, or email messages. I am referring to pain in our bodies that can be physical but are often emotional. Whenever we are in pain, we are quick to self-medicate. We want the pain to go away...QUICKLY! We don't want to deal with it. A friend of mine, going … Continue reading What Happens When We Ignore Messages?

Criticism and your success…

Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you - Zig Ziglar When I read that quote it was as if the San Andreas fault shifted in my head. I think that this is the BEST quote on criticism that I’ve … Continue reading Criticism and your success…