Let Down that Heavy Load

As I pry my fingers off of all the hurt I've been carrying...some from perhaps when I was maybe two or three...the actual chain of events...vague...but the pain...raw and real...I'm thinking that we can only let go when we learn. I'm not suggesting painstakingly rehashing events. What I am suggesting is that we let our … Continue reading Let Down that Heavy Load

How do you Heal?

Often we need to take a step back before moving forward. Most of all we need to listen to what our soul is trying to tell us. Crying clears everything up for me...it washes away my pain...and moves all mental debris clogging up my ability to see. I need space often to think and create. … Continue reading How do you Heal?

What Stories are you Telling about your Life?

What story seeds are you planting? We are all telling a story about our health, our finances, our relationships...What story will you tell? Will it be one that is heroic and empowering? You can be honest about all that you have experienced and done, yet still write a story that will help you feel that … Continue reading What Stories are you Telling about your Life?

Laughter is Necessary

When was the last time you had a good laugh? You know the one where your belly hurts...tears are streaming down your cheeks...and you're yelling "Staaaaaap!!!" Adulting can be so serious at times yet laughter really is medicinal. Anne Lamotte had an interesting way with words. Carbonated holiness. All emotions are important. Laughter is important. … Continue reading Laughter is Necessary

What it is to be Human…

Judge not. Assume nothing. We don't really know what is going on about any situation in someone's life. On top of which sometimes that person is already giving themselves a hard time. I am finally learning and understanding to be gentle with me. Lord knows how often I feel negative and act on those negative … Continue reading What it is to be Human…

The Travesty: To KNOW and not to DO

We feel good when we have knowledge under our belt. We believe in the inspiring and thought provoking memes we share. But are we intentionally practicing or do we think we know? Years ago, I heard a guest speaker at an event say: to know and not to do, is not to know. This phrase … Continue reading The Travesty: To KNOW and not to DO

Recommit to your Goals…Daily!

Every day we need to recommit to our goals and dreams...to the contracts we've made with ourselves...our intentions....what we choose to continue, alter, begin or stop! At the seat of it all is what we are thinking...while we are doing. The story we are telling is far more important than any action we take. When … Continue reading Recommit to your Goals…Daily!

Are you Communicating or just Talking?

When I saw this picture I had a good laugh. We sweet too bad lol. Then I got to thinking about messages. This message is clear and is put in a place where the person for whom it is intended will get it! Yet when we have a message we tend not to be so … Continue reading Are you Communicating or just Talking?

Never Lose Your Why

As we grow we sometimes lose sight of why we chose the work we do. Instead of serving a cause we shifted to serving for likes, recognition...climbing painfully up the attention status hierarchy. Today I went back to a simple exercise I did in 2005....I stated all the reasons why I wanted to achieve 3 … Continue reading Never Lose Your Why

What’s Your Word?

Have you ever heard about choosing one word and living with it for a year? Well some time back in November I decided to choose joy. Joy is the highest energy of all. It's the magical sense that everything is possible; it springs from appreciating the gifts in each moment except I wasn't doing that. … Continue reading What’s Your Word?