We All Have a Superpower – What’s Yours?

We all possess some ability that makes us “US”. We don’t even recognize it because we go to it so easily. It’s so natural that it’s almost invisible. In fact, when we’re answering questions about ourselves we usually blow past it and bust our brains trying to come up with something that “sounds good”. We’veContinue reading “We All Have a Superpower – What’s Yours?”

You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…

We yearn for something better…our heart knows what we desire…yet we are scared to put down what we know no longer works. We stand in front of the door of “next”…new beginnings…a different way of being…hands full of STUFF! We’re afraid to admit that this load has become too heavy to bear so we feelContinue reading “You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…”

Bouncing between a stormy past and an unknowable future…

The Point of Power is in the Present – Jane Roberts How busy our minds are…pondering past situations…trying to wrap our heads around future “what-ifs”…yet NOW is really all we have. I have not yet learned to live in the now. I seem to be a little fearful of staying there, “after all”, I think,Continue reading “Bouncing between a stormy past and an unknowable future…”

Should is a judgment…Could is an opportunity

I believe we all are on a spiritual as well as a physical path. I believe it always starts with the spiritual and then manifests into the physical. One of the hardest things I’ve found to manifest is communicating clearly how I feel and what I’m thinking, especially to those close to me. I’m aContinue reading “Should is a judgment…Could is an opportunity”

One of the biggest diseases of our time

I wanted to share a quote from Debbie Forde. Debbie died on Sunday February 17, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. One of the biggest diseases of our time is people pleasing. People saying ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no.’ Then they feel resentful. They can’t actually go about and meet their own soul’s vision because they’reContinue reading “One of the biggest diseases of our time”

How to Close the Gap between Knowing and Doing

My behaviour never lies. I could talk about all the stuff that I would like to get done, stuff I want to do in my life, places I wish to visit. If I am not getting there then all I’ve been really interested in is being there not actually going. Take for instance my wantingContinue reading “How to Close the Gap between Knowing and Doing”