Introductory Workshop

How do you standout and be seen as the expert that you are in a market that is filled with distractions?


Has “getting clients” always been a struggle for you?

Do you feel that you have something worthwhile to share yet you are being ignored by potentials clients?

The best guidance I can give you is to: stop trying to “get” anyone to hire you. I know this sounds crazy, after all isn’t getting clients to hire you the “end game”?

This is the goal, however if you go the route of every other salesperson and service professional out there, your message will get lost.


Instead of Pursuing Clients Directly, You Develop a System That “Reverse Engineers” the Result You Want – This System Brings the Clients To You

In order to do business on your terms regarding fees and working terms, you can’t be chasing your clients down. They have to come to you. Otherwise, you won’t have too much leverage in the relationship and  perceived as little more than a “vendor.”

Think about a piece of work that you’ve chased recently, versus when a client calls you and wants to do business with you? It’s a huge difference! And this is not about superiority or having the upper hand and calling the shots.

Living as a vendor sucks!

When you’re a vendor, there are basically only three questions clients are interested in getting answers to:

  • Are you competent?
  • How cheap can you do the work?
  • How fast can you do the work?

These are not the questions you want to be answering.

In fact, you don’t want to be answering any questions – you want to be the one ASKING the questions and the way you earn the privilege to do this is to attract interest in the services you provide not to force it on people. 

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The scarcest resource in most service businesses
  • What is a platform and how to design your own
  • The difference between helping and leading
  • How to crystallize your big ideas
  • The 3 most important questions you need to answer
  • How do you make a positive impact?
  • The 4 Steps in designing your own platform

Who is it for: If you are a solo professional, or sales professional and would like to be seen as “the expert” that you are then this is for you.

Your investment: $475.00

The next introductory workshop is going to be held on Thursday January 24th 2019 – 4:30pm – 6:00pm at Upper Crust Patna Street, Port of Spain

***If you  own or manage a business and have a sales team then this workshop would be ideal for your group. Use the message box and let me know how many are on your team and how soon you might want to schedule your workshop.

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Remember:If you want to be perceived as something different and better, you can’t show up the same way as everyone else does.

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