1. Is COVID going to kill your business OR set you back OR force you to pivot OR cause prosperity to rain down?

You need to know ASAP. Some businesses cannot be saved. Others, with attention, strategy and elbow grease, can pivot and prosper.

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2. Download these 66  Unique Ideas for Service Businesses– in a world transformed by Covid-19.


3. Pivotability Index: What’s your pIQ?

This assessment will help you understand your current level Pivotability: how open, flexible and agile you are to change. Don’t spend too long analyzing the questions or what you “should” say — answer quickly and honestly, with what first comes to mind. Your responses are anonymous and will not be shared. At the end, you will get your results along with accompanying resources to enhance your Pivotability.

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You and I both know that building a business can be exhilarating and exciting but it can also be terrifying!

We are all feeling the effects of Covid-19:

Projects are being postponed, events cancelled and everyone has a latent sense of anxiety as they worry about how this pandemic will play out.

The truth is – no one knows.

However now is all we have and now is a great time to stress-test your business.

Panicking won’t get us very far and we definitely cannot control everything, but there are some proactive steps we can take to minimize the impact of any disruption, now and in the future.

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