The Expert’s Marketing Toolkit

Once you’ve identified your area of expertise you will need to promote yourself

Your brand is like your signature – used to differentiate you from everyone else. Unique and distinct it sends a message – this is who I am!

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The Toolkit

Your brand is a little more than what people say about you when you’re not around. It is more than an interesting logo or ‘whole new look’.

It is the impression you leave in the minds of your potential clients, future employees and customers. It is everything you say and do. In fact your brand is you creating signature moments that frame those “out of earshot” conversations. And this is why your branding must be consistent across all platforms not just on your print collateral.

Once  you position  yourself as a thought leader, expert or go-to authority it is necessary for you to have at least three or more of the following in your toolkit:

  • Your bio
  • Photos that reflect your essence
  • Articles that communicate your position, ideas and insight
  • Case-Studies describing a situation or project, where  you’ve solved a critical problem for your client
  • A signature presentation
  • Buzz piece – a special, easily downloadable report with information that your potential clients will find useful
  • Website (including a speaking engagement page)
  • Fully integrated social profiles

We provide both design and writing services.

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Remember: Branding needs to be consistent across all platforms including logos, graphical elements and voice.

Every brand consists of two components:

Reputation  +  Visibility

Purple Marketing’s branding approach address both of these critical factors when doing any design or writing for you. We create marketing pieces for you with this thought behind everything we do:

How will the audience be better off when they have read the bio, visited the website, engaged on social media, read the case study, buzz piece or article or interacted with you?

And we also think…

Educate . Entertain . Enlighten

All three are good, but two out of those three are a must if you want to be remembered!