How to be an Entrepreneur – Workshop

People describe themselves as entrepreneurs. Many of us desire to become entrepreneurs some day. It’s a word often used to describe someone who is working for herself. Many focus on the product or service they are selling but often we never consider the absolute essentials we need to succeed.
What will you learn?

In this workshop you will discover the absolute essential mindsets, daily habits, and foundational business skills that you need to become a successful high performing entrepreneur in any business or industry. We’re going to ‘rewire’ your inner game so that you not only think, but also act like a highly successful entrepreneur.

You’ll also learn:

  • the definition of Entrepreneur that I find most apt and why it’s important
  • the 3 needs you must balance to succeed in business
  • and what I believe is the single most important skill you need to become a massively successful Entrepreneur.

We will also cover entrepreneurial creativity, leadership, innovation, productivity, marketing and execution.

Who is it for?

Career professionals considering transitioning into entrepreneurship and people already in business for themselves and wondering if it’s the best fit.

What does it cost?

$475.00 TTD


announcingThe next workshop is on Thursday June 27th 5-7 pm. Limited to 7 participants. Fill in the form below if you would like to attend. Location and ‘how to pay’ details will be sent to you by email.