Expert Business Program

What would it mean for your business to become the go-to authority in your field?

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The Program

Businesses can no longer compete on price or excellent service.  Today even information is commoditized as everyone can access any and everything using a Search Engine.

The critical differences between the go-to providers and everyone else is not technical proficiency but in their position as thought leaders. This doesn’t mean that other businesses aren’t competent or capable. It means that without intentional positioning, they seem to disappear in the crowd.

“I believe thought leaders are not only on the cutting edge in terms of their ideas, but [they] also know how to inspire and influence others,” said Walt Rakowich, a leadership speaker and retired CEO of ProLogis. “Leaders can have great ideas, but true thought leaders have the courage to express their ideas and inspire others to implement them.”

How do you boost your industry presence to enhance your credibility as a thought leader?

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  • What’s working for you now and what isn’t
  • What thought leadership is and isn’t
  • Ways your business is generating leads
  • Some reasons why buyers might have ruled you out
  • In which ways your website is working for you and ways that it’s not
  • Whether we are the “right fit” to work together

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