Selling Your Expertise – Presentation

Imagine taking what you know and the expertise you’ve gained throughout your business, career and life and selling it in the form of training programs, consulting, mentorship, information products, highly paid speaking engagements and more?


Selling your Expertise – The Presentation

Packaging and selling your expertise in many forms is one of the key ways to be seen as the expert in your field. This one and a half hour presentation contains the 7 keys you need to start designing your own expert platform.

I have distilled all I have learned from my 20 plus years in sales, sales management and marketing in the financial, energy, insurance, printing and packaging, construction and consulting and coaching industries into those 7 key areas.

What I know for sure through my own experience and hundreds of hours spent reading How-to books is that you must have a structure and plan in place to build a successful expert information platform. This presentation gives you that.

What will you learn?
  • How to position yourself as the leading expert so clients and the media call you (a different approach to selling)
  • 5 easy ways for sending people to your Website and how to convert them to customers and build a following
  • Top strategies for designing and selling your expertise in the form of products and programs
  • How to generate cash flow even when you are not working directly with clients
Who is it for?
  • You are a solo professional and you want to position yourself as an expert
  • You are a business owner and you want to position your firm as the go-to authority
  • You are a Career professional who wants to test the idea of a second stream of income. [You have too many financial and emotional commitments and responsibilities to just up and leave your current career or life situation to pursue an idea you’re not sure will work].
  • Anyone with a skill, talent or  knowledge interested in finding out how to turn what they know into cash flow
Why is this presentation important?

A dilemma most professionals face (though many may not admit this out loud) is making enough money and cash flow.

Most professionals’ income is based on their time. So it’s limited to the number of hours they work. Plus they only have ONE STREAM OF INCOME.

They often face the peak and valley situation (I know this well :)) where they are very, very busy for a while and then once the projects are finished there’s no more business because when they were busy, there was no time to keep up with marketing.

Selling your Expertise or turning what you know into cash flow is a definite way to increase the flow of money consistently into your life.
What will you get?

Light refreshments

The presentation summary and a workbook which will be emailed to you so you don’t need to worry if you’ve missed anything and you  will have your workbook so you can work through all that I cover during the presentation, in your own time.

What does it cost?

$675.00 TTD


announcingThe next presentation is on Wednesday 10th July 2019 @ Dianne’s Tea Shop 5-7 pm.

Limited to 7 participants.

Fill in the form below if you would like to attend. ‘How to pay’ details will be sent to you by email. Registration on a first-come, first-served basis.